Mediation will enable you to be involved in every stage rather than an imposed agreement being made, or being on a receiving end of unwanted legal correspondence. Read more below to see how I can help you.

Child arrangements

I can help you to resolve the following;

Where the child(ren) should live (equal and co-parenting agreement) or whether they should live with one parent.

The impact and practical changes this could have on their school.

Frequency, duration and specific terms of any contact agreements.

Deal with any specific situations that may occur pertaining to the child arrangements.


I recognise that divorce can be a difficult process both emotionally and financially, so let me help you with;

Making the process as manageable, cost effective and as easy as possible.

Reaching an agreement in respect of the divorce terms and process.

Separation of finances, assets, savings, investments & debts (both individual and joint).

Arrangements for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the process take?

It could take between 3-6 months, but this depends on the number of sessions (and their frequency) as well as the number of matters to resolve. Once we have met and the process has started I will be able to provide you with an accurate estimation.

I am not sure if Mediation is suitable, can I meet you first?

Before you have a joint meeting with the other party, each party will meet with the Mediator to discuss their position and the mediator will assess whether Mediation is indeed suitable for them.

How many sessions do I need?

It is estimated that the parties will need 4-5 sessions to reach a resolution, although this depends on the number of matters to resolve and the individual circumstances.


I am worried about my safety, how will the Mediation be managed? 

There is an option to use a shuttle mediation service, if suitable. This is where each party are in separate rooms and the mediatior will facilitate discussions in a managed way. A managed plan with the consent of the parties will be put in place.



How much will it cost?

The initial / Mediation Information Assessment Meeting is £125 per party for Kent only. The fee for joint meetings is usually shared or paid entirely by one party.

£250 for single matter per hour for Kent only. £300 for combined matter per hour on an hourly basis for Kent only.

Preparation of documents at the end of mediation will be discussed during your appointment.

Please note that my services do not attract VAT and the prices quoted above are for Kent only. Please contact me if you live in London as prices will vary.