Civil and Commercial Mediation

Civil and Commercial Mediation

What makes Civil Mediation different, is that it deals with all types of disputes:

Inheritance disputes

Elder mediation and disputes regarding arrangements between family members

Disputes involving animals (canine and equine issues)

Property disputes

Landlord and tenant disagreements

Boundary issues between neighbours or landowners or users

Partnership dissolutions and creations

Family business structuring

Exit agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Civil / Commercial Mediation different to Family Mediation?

Civil and Commercial mediation aims to resolve any disputes that are between two or more parties. What makes civil mediation different is it deals with all types of disputes (apart from family matters)

How much will it cost?

For half a day session is £750 (£375 per party)
For 1 full day’s session is £1500 (£750 per party)

How long will the process take?

Civil / Commercial Mediation sessions are resolved in a single session, once we have received the details of the dispute, we can decide whether this is schedule for half a day or a full day.

At the end of the day a binding agreement is produced at the end of the process.

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